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Seminar: Experienced




2 Days

06 - 07 Apr 2024


Pilates Kinetics is bringing Javier Velazquez back to Singapore for another seminar! This is in conjunction with the Pilates Art Instructor Training Programme and the seminar is Part 2 of the programme by Javier which has 4 stages.

In this 2-Day Seminar, Javier will be going through Experienced exercises from Joseph Pilates, and also first generation instructors like Romana Kryzanowska.

Be ready for an immersive learning experience that includes observation, participation and demonstrations! Experience the exercises for yourself, as well demonstrations by Javier and other instructors as he walks through how the exercises are meant to be taught and performed.

He will be covering exercises on the Cadillac (Table), Ladder Barrel, Reformer and the Guillotine Tower. Pre-Pilates exercises will also be taught in this seminar.

All are welcome! Whether you are considering a career in Pilates, an instructor or a Pilates enthusiast, join likeminded learners for this 2-Day Seminar to dive into the world of Pilates.

Attendance of the previous seminar: Novice/Learner is NOT a prerequisite to join this seminar.



TILL 01 MAR 2024

Secure your slot now by registering and making full payment before 01 Mar 2024 to enjoy a S$100 off with our early bird special discount! WhatApp or email us at now to do so.


Javier Velazquez

Javier has been practising Pilates for 38 years, and for many years with four of Joseph’s students — Romana Kryzanowska, Mathilde Klein, Mary Bowen, and Sari Mejia. Since 2004, he has been researching Joseph Pilates’ original methodology, equipment and exercises. He has also reconstructed Joseph’s original equipment by hand and is using them as originally intended.

For more information on his research, visit

Javier Velazquez
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