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  • What is Classical Pilates?
    Classical Pilates is a form of Pilates that stays true to the exercises that Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, invented. At our studio, we have all the apparatus invented by Joseph Pilates, including the ones that are rarely seen. Find out more here.
  • I am new to Pilates. Will I be able to join your session?
    Yes! Our instructors tailor every workout with each client accordingly, regardless of your age, fitness, and experience levels with Pilates.
  • Do men do Pilates?
    Yes, definitely! Did you know Pilates was invented by a man and is suitable for everyone? Pilates is much more than stretching — it is a whole body workout that improves strength, flexibility, posture, and balance. Check out our social media (Facebook and Instagram) featuring some male clients who have incorporated Pilates into their workout regimen.
  • I experienced some injuries before. Can I still do Pilates?
    If you have been given the clearance by your doctor to exercise, absolutely! Pilates workouts can be tailored to make sure they are safe for you and help to strengthen your body.
  • Will Pilates help me with my back, neck and / or shoulder pain?
    Yes it will! Pilates will improve your posture and strengthen and stretch your whole body. This will help alleviate any existing back, neck and shoulder pain.
  • Will Pilates make me taller?
    There is no evidence that practising Pilates can contribute directly to an increase in height. However, we have clients who reported height increments due to their improved posture after practising Pilates for a period of time. We believe that the better posture developed through Pilates will definitely give you more confident strides and make you stand taller!
  • Will Pilates help me get a flat stomach?
    Some people have the misconception that Pilates is just a core workout. Pilates is much more than that as you will work your whole body in the exercises. Your abdominal muscles will definitely be used as you work on stability and balance in Pilates. As you learn to engage and pull in your abdominal muscles in your everyday movement, your stomach can become slimmer and flatter.
  • How does Pilates exercise work differently to planks and crunches?
    Pilates is not focused on repetition nor working your muscles to fatigue in a short period of time, unlike what planks and crunches call for. Instead, you will be engaging your abdominal muscles for the whole workout as you balance and lift your body through the different Pilates exercises. The best part about working your abdominal muscles this way is that you are strengthening them for a prolonged period of time and through many types of movement, not just holding it in one single pose for a few minutes.
  • Will Pilates help me lose weight?
    Effective weight loss requires a holistic approach that involves changes in lifestyle, diet and exercise. However, maintaining a consistent workout with Pilates will allow you to develop a leaner and stronger body.
  • Why do I need to go for Pilates sessions if I can just do mat exercises online for free?
    In our studio, you get to use many apparatus which provide you feedback to engage the right muscles. Furthermore, your instructor will be guiding and challenging you, checking your form and making sure the exercises are done correctly to extract the best effects that each Pilates exercise is meant to achieve for your body. The workout is tailored specifically for you to improve your fitness.
  • Can I drop by your studio anytime for a session?
    Our sessions are by appointment only. To schedule a session with us, please WhatsApp us at +65 ​​8877 0348 or contact us via our form here.
  • How many months postpartum will I be able to start Pilates?
    Pilates is a great way to build your strength back postpartum. We will suggest a month postpartum, after your doctor gives you the go ahead to begin Pilates. Let our instructors know before the session and they will be able to tailor the workout accordingly.
  • I am currently pregnant. Can I still do Pilates?
    It is safe for most pregnant ladies to do Pilates. Get the clearance from your gynaecologist to workout, inform our instructors beforehand, and a bespoke workout will be tailored for you.
  • Will Pilates help me in my pregnancy?
    Being active is important during your pregnancy. In particular, Pilates can help to strengthen your back, legs and arms and reduce any neck, shoulder or back pain that you might experience during your pregnancy. Continue to feel strong as you progress in your pregnancy by practising Pilates.
  • Will Pilates help me get back in shape after pregnancy?
    Resuming any form of physical activities after pregnancy is a great first step to getting back into shape! With Pilates, the exercises are geared towards achieving better strength, posture and developing leaner and longer muscles, while being low impact. There are also exercises that are helpful in the strengthening of the muscles that might be affected by Diastasis Recti.
  • How long is each of your sessions?
    All our sessions (Private 1-1 and Duo 2-1 Sessions) are 60 minutes.
  • How do I book a session with your studio?
    To schedule a session with us, please WhatsApp us at +65 ​​8877 0348 or contact us via our form here.
  • Do you offer group classes?
    Yes we do! Find out more and book your group class here.
  • Will I get to use the apparatus during my trial session?
    Yes! In our trial sessions, you will get to use the Reformer and other apparatus depending on what your body needs. Our instructors can also give you a workout on the Cadillac. Learn more about the apparatus we have here.
  • Do you offer sessions in Mandarin?
    Yes, we do! Our instructor Shirley is able to conduct sessions in Mandarin. Book a trial session with her now.
  • What is the difference between sessions on the mat and apparatus?
    Most of our apparatus have springs, handles or straps which help you to engage your muscles correctly in the workout. They help you to get stronger, more flexible and attain control of your body. Because of the way the apparatus is designed, there are also many more exercises that you can do on them compared to the mat. A mat workout is done with just your body and the mat. It is the hardest as you only have your body and gravity to work with! That being said, mat work is a fantastic whole body workout and is great for building endurance and stamina. In fact, Joseph Pilates wrote a book called “Return To Life Through Contrology” to teach people his exercise philosophy, and also provide them a manual for his mat exercises to give people exercises to do regularly at home. All the Pilates apparatus, including the mat, are supposed to complement one another to help you to achieve your fitness goals. When a client struggles with an exercise on the mat, we know which apparatus to let them use which will help them with it.
  • What is a Duo session?
    In our Duo sessions, 1 instructor is paired with you and your workout partner. Bring your friend, partner or family along to experience Pilates together!
  • I am interested in the Duo session but I do not have a workout partner. Can you pair me up with someone?
    Unfortunately, we do not currently pair up our clients for Duo sessions. If you are unable to find a workout partner, why not come for our Private 1-1 trials to experience Pilates? Find out more about our sessions here. You can also consider joining a group class after completing the trial session and Starter Package of 3 sessions.
  • What do I need to bring for my session?
    We recommend our clients to bring along a pair of clean socks for the session. Water and towels are provided in our studio.
  • Do you offer trials?
    We offer a single trial session at a special rate of $70 for all new clients. Keen to continue with Pilates at our studio after the trial session? Our 3 Sessions Starter Package, offered at a discounted rate, is a great way to practise Pilates at our studio before committing to a 10 sessions package!
  • How can I book a trial session?
    To make a booking, simply WhatsApp us at +65 8877 0348 or fill up our contact form here.
  • What is your studio's cancellation policy?
    Our studio has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Your session will be charged if you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of a session.
  • Is there an expiration date for my packages?
    Our 3 Session Starter Package is valid for 2 months from date of purchase, and our 10 Sessions Package is valid for 6 months from date of purchase. This is to encourage clients to be consistent with their Pilates workout to fully benefit from it. You can find out more about our sessions and rates here.
  • What is the Pilates Kinetics Referral Program?
    The Pilates Kinetics Referral Program rewards you for every friend you refer to our studio. The more friends you refer, the greater your rewards.
  • How do I earn my rewards from the Pilates Kinetics Referral Program?
    You earn rewards when your friend purchases packages at our studio. Earn $50 credit when they purchase a 3 Sessions Starter Package, and another $50 if they purchase a 10 Sessions Package. This means you can earn up to $100 in credits for every friend referred. Refer a friend today, and start accumulating your credits!
  • Is there a limit to the number of friends I can refer to the studio?
    No there isn’t! Refer as many friends you like! The only prerequisite is that your friend must be a new client to our studio. If you recommend more than 1 friend, you can continue to accumulate your rewards and use them to offset the purchase of one single package!
  • When do my referral rewards expire?
    You must redeem your rewards within 3 months of your friend's purchase.
  • What can I use my referral rewards for?
    You can use the referral rewards to offset your purchase of the 10 Sessions Package or the 4 Sessions of Group Reformer Class Packages.
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