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Meet Our Instructors


At Pilates Kinetics, our instructors are movement specialists — they understand the importance of having the strength and flexibility to move one’s body freely and doing so without any pain.

Our instructors are committed to providing bespoke workouts tailored to each of you. Whether it’s your first Pilates experience or if you’re a Pilates regular, they take the time to understand your body and fitness goals.


Get to know our instructors and their individual Pilates journey and see how you too, can experience the transformative change through Pilates.

Pilates Kinetics - Christina Abraham

Christina Abraham

Owner & Instructor

Over 10 years of teaching experience

Christina has always loved keeping active by running, wake-boarding, scuba-diving and gym training. However, in her early twenties, she started to experience chronic neck and shoulder aches and was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis. A medical specialist told her that there was nothing she could do about her condition except to avoid certain activities to prevent further degeneration. 

Thankfully she discovered Pilates around that time. She found that the exercises were able to strengthen her body, improve her posture and best of all, the pain gradually disappeared. Her body completely changed — she lost weight, became stronger, flexible and had the ability to pursue other physical activities she enjoyed. Eventually, she decided on a major career change — from banking to becoming a Pilates instructor certified by Romana's Pilates. Since then, she has also been training with Javier Velazquez in Joseph Pilates' original method of Contrology which she is very passionate about.

Christina enjoys helping her clients experience transformation in their bodies and gain the ability to pursue all they want to achieve through Pilates!

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Hazel Meily


Possesses a deep understanding of the athlete’s body and also rehabilitation for all.


Hazel is an endurance athlete and has been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. She was a member of the Philippines National Dragon Boat Team and also used to teach the High Intensity Program at Gold’s Gym Philippines.


Hazel’s journey to Pilates was through her own injuries as an athlete. She suffered extreme lower back pain for years due to a pinched sciatic nerve, which forced her to stop all the high intensity training she loved. It was so bad that at one point, she could barely stand and walk. This is when she turned to Pilates and its rehabilitative benefits. 


In Pilates, she discovered Contrology: the method of controlling one’s body. It gave her a new awareness of her body and inspired her to train as a Classical Pilates Instructor under Ole Eugenio, founder of Smart Movement Asia.


Through her consistent Pilates training and deep understanding of how it works, Hazel is now pain free and can continue with other sports she enjoys. She is passionate about bringing the benefits she experienced through Pilates to her clients.

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Pilates Kinetics - Hazel Meily
Pilates Kinetics - Neo Hong Chin

Neo Hong Chin


Over 10 years of teaching experience with an intricate understanding of the dancer’s body.

Hong Chin used to be a professional dancer and was introduced to Classical Pilates in 2006. When she saw the strength and definition it gave to her body, she fell in love with its mind-body fitness methodology. She decided to embark on her instructor training journey and was certified under Romana's Pilates by Juanita Lopez.


After many years of teaching, Hong Chin is still amazed at how much there is to learn in Pilates. She’s passionate about improving her own fitness as well as her teaching skills. She finds immense joy and satisfaction in being able to help her clients achieve their fitness goals.

Shirley Ting


Shirley's personal journey with Pilates started in 2004 with Alvin Giam from Pilates Bodyworks. Her continued interest in Pilates led her to discover Classical Pilates which helped her improve her strength, flexibility & body awareness significantly.


In 2019, she decided to embark on the Romana’s Pilates training program as she was keen to learn more and share the benefits she’s experienced with more people. A keen advocate of lifelong learning, Shirley attends Pilates and movement workshops regularly. 


Being a certified Yoga Teacher, Shirley is not new to teaching. She believes in a calm and compassionate approach, ensuring that the exercises she gives to her clients are beneficial in their daily lives to improve their movement & health.

Shirley is able to conduct sessions in both English and Mandarin.

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“Going to Pilates Kinetics prenatal pilates classes was one of the best things to happen to me during my pregnancy. Thanks to Christina's guidance each class, she helped to keep my body strong during those 38 weeks. I believe it contributed significantly to my lack of body aches, overall well-being and smooth delivery. She tailors each class to any needs or concerns, while also staying true to her own teaching philosophies. The moves instructed by her are targeted and intentional, leaving you with a good burn after class even without much repetitive movements. She was also a source of support during my pregnancy by sharing her own experiences from her motherhood journey with me. Highly recommended and thank you Christina!”

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