Hi! I'm Christina, instructor and owner of Pilates Kinetics.

As a teenager, I kept active by running, wake-boarding, scuba-diving and weight training. However, in my early twenties, I started to experience chronic neck and shoulder aches and was devastated to be diagnosed with cervical spondylosis. The medical specialist told me that there was nothing I could do about my condition except to avoid certain activities to prevent further degeneration. 

Thankfully around that time, I discovered Pilates. I found that the exercises were able to strengthen my body, improve my posture and best of all, the pain that I used to suffer from gradually disappeared. My body completely changed - I lost weight, became stronger, flexible and had the ability to pursue other physical activities I enjoy. Eventually, I decided on a major career change - from banking to be an apprentice with my teacher-trainer Zein Kayali Chahine, and got certified under Romana's Pilates by Juanita Lopez. 

After teaching in a studio for a number of years and visiting other studios around the world, I decided to start my own in 2016, where clients can get a workout tailored specifically to their needs in a private setting. My passion is helping my clients experience the same change in their bodies and gain the ability to pursue all they want to achieve.

Pilates helped resolve my neck and shoulder pains, a prolapsed tummy from pregnancy, and it also improved my balance and gait. Christina is both exacting and patient as she tries to understand my issues and configures movements to achieve an effective workout!

A. Lee, age 49

I have benefited greatly from my private Pilates classes with Christina Abraham. She has a knack of knowing which muscles need toning. At the end of the lesson, I feel fitter than when I started.

Beatrice, age 77

I was introduced to Pilates six years ago, and have been under Christina's tutelage for around four. My lower back used to be a problem area due to my golfing and scoliosis, but Christina's precise professionalism and dedication to helping me get better have greatly improved my posture and lessened the recurring pain and discomfort I previously tolerated. Although I never thought I would find a workout I actually enjoy, I find myself looking forward to my weekly Pilates sessions. I like that she adds variety in each session and takes the time to explain the purpose of a certain stretch or exercise. Classes with Christina are not only enjoyable, but have also made me a fitter, stronger, and more confident individual.

Nicole, age 23

I always look forward to my Pilates session and feel taller, stronger and refreshed after every class. I have a great time at class and enjoy it a lot! My flexibility and strength have improved by leaps and bounds since doing Pilates with Christina. She is patient and understanding and knows how to encourage me to do my best.

Joyce, age 60

I have been doing weekly mat classes with Christina for coming up to a year. 

I have seen vast improvement in my body posture with my curved back straightening up and marked improvement to my flat foot. The stretches and strengthening exercises have also helped in my cycling. Overall my body feels lighter and more agile than ever before.

Christina is a patient and experienced instructor. Even though the mat classes are conducted online, she is able to keep track and point out the participants' mistakes and is encouraging in helping us to push for improvements while minimising the risk of injuries. And she is always mindful of keeping the workouts interesting by coming up with different variations.

Every week's class is a solid workout. Even though it does get tough and challenging, the gains to my general well-being keeps me going back week after week. No pain, no gain.

Wai Chan, age 46

Pilates with Christina has helped me get stronger and more in control of my body, which has also improved my ability to do other exercises at a higher intensity without getting injured. I have seen significant and lasting improvement over the years. Highly recommend sessions at Pilates Kinetics!

Jacob, age 38

What My Clients Say