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The Original Reformer Series Workshop




2 Days

11 - 12 Feb 2023


The Pilates world has conventionally been categorised into Classical or Contemporary — one that follows closely to Joseph Pilates’ work and the other with modifications that have been made to it. However, even in the Classical Pilates approach, there are many changes that have been made to the exercises originally created by Joseph Pilates.

In this workshop, Javier Velazquez will be going through Joseph Pilates’ Original Reformer Series, adhering closely to the way Joseph conceptualised it. You will get to experience some useful, lesser known exercises and also how some original versions of commonly performed exercises can be more effective.

He will share not only the choreographies, but also how to teach them and how to progress a client so they can achieve it. This will be done in a lively and positive way and everybody will have a chance to work out in this workshop!



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Javier Velazquez

Javier has been practising Pilates for 38 years, and for many years with four of Joseph’s students — Romana Kryzanowska, Mathilde Klein, Mary Bowen, and Sari Mejia. Since 2004, he has been researching Joseph Pilates’ original methodology, equipment and exercises. He has also reconstructed Joseph’s original equipment by hand and is using them as originally intended.

For more information on his research, visit

Javier Velazquez
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