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The Original Reformer Series Workshop - Private Session




60 Minutes

13 - 15 Feb 2023


Experience Javier's teaching in a private session. Gain insights to improve your Pilates practice with his one-to-one guidance or take the chance to further your understanding from the workshop.

Limited slots available. Please enquire via WhatsApp for details.


Javier Velazquez

Javier has been practising Pilates for 38 years, and for many years with four of Joseph’s students — Romana Kryzanowska, Mathilde Klein, Mary Bowen, and Sari Mejia. Since 2004, he has been researching Joseph Pilates’ original methodology, equipment and exercises. He has also reconstructed Joseph’s original equipment by hand and is using them as originally intended.

For more information on his research, visit

Javier Velazquez
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